Lifestyle Pathways
I went to a traditional therapist for 2 years before Sharon.  Working with Sharon,  I have  removed old decisions that don’t work in my life.  The comparison between the two approaches isn’t even close.  As I worked with Sharon,  I resolved issues ranging from spiritual to business to relationships, and my life got substantially better, more joyful, and filled with unbelievable happiness and meaning.   Sharon is the most skilled practitioner that I have been fortunate to work with.  She captures the little details that really matter when you’re doing personal development work.  As a life and business coach, I recommend her to clients, friends and family.  If you are “called” to Sharon, don’t pass up this opportunity of a lifetime!

Angela Merola, ACC  

I have made rapid progress since seeing Sharon these past 2 1/2 years.  She is a fabulous coach, a gifted counselor, and a great role model.  I  have significant abuse issues from very early in life that held me captive.  She is the first practitioner that has really been able to help me heal.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with her.  I want all my family and friends to see her too.  It takes great courage to work with her because she will always tell you the truth. 

Mimi, North Carolina

I began working with Sharon with skepticism and fear, coming from a Christian background.  However, I was so frustrated, depressed, and at my wit's end, that I was willing to try anything.  It frustrated me that counselors asked..."what do you thing about that...how do you feel about that?"  Feelings?  What were those...and if I knew the feelings and thoughts I could figure it out myself.  Sharon helped me find and acknowledge my feelings and thoughts.  In the beginning, when, asked what I thought or felt, I didn't have the words to describe this.  Upon expression and request, she suggested 3-5 reasons.  I could then identify the reason and we could go from there.  Eventually I took over and could identify and describe things myself.  She helped me find the words.  I had no idea what an amazing journey she would accompany me on and the patience, support, gentleness, and reassurance received all along the way.  My life is amazing, getting better daily, and I see and know without a doubt that I have a bright and beautiful future.  Sharon positively impacts the whole of humankind...one person at a time.

Charity, Dallas, TX

I came from a background that celebrated dysfunction and I was raised to be a victim.  I have been in therapy of one form or another since I was 12 years old.  All of these methodologies dealt with the surface issues and paid lip service to anything deeper.  My life was successful in some areas but I could not keep momentum going and I was continuing to operate from my dysfunctional core beliefs.  I could not do things differently.

Then I met Sharon.  We went directly to the core issues and began digging them out, letting them go, and making new beliefs based on my abilities and not my perceived deficiencies.  I was guided the whole time by Sharon with wisdom, experience and compassion.  Her process was gentle and thorough; we let no stone unturned. 

I currently own my own business and I am moving toward my dreams and life goals with concrete actions and results.  I wish I had been introduced to Sharon twenty years earlier!

Russ, Dallas, TX