Past and Between Life Regression
Past and between life regression has proven useful in identifying "soul" purpose for life.  It is also useful in eliminating self-imposed limitations that keep you from being, doing, or having all that you want for yourself.

There are four main types of situations that lend themselves to using this technique to advantage in your journey toward self-knowledge and living joyfully with deliberate intent.

1) Sometimes clients have been working with age regression
and spontaneously return to a time before birth in this lifetime.

2)  Sometimes, through the age regression technique, it is determined the issue may be from another lifetime and we specifically return to another time and place.

3)  In some cases, using a metaphor to bypass the fear, denial, or secondary gain is effective when even the subconscious mind has guarded self knowledge.

4)  At other times, a client may be working on spiritual development and be blocked from going forward.

Lifestyle Pathways
Two techniques are most effective in directional regression to a past life or time between lives:  guided meditation and hypnosis.

Regardless of personal beliefs, technique used, or whether the regression is directed or spontaneous, the purpose remains the same: to use the experience to gain more of what you want in your life today and in the future.
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