Academic Coaching
Occasionally a student needs an advocate who understands both the needs of the child and the constraints, needs, programs, and obligations of the school. 

My experience ranges a vast array of situations, subjects, and methods,  from special education for early childhood through adult education.  I have been certified in education for emotional or behavioral difficulties, learning disabilities, and special needs of the physically handicapped, as well as regular classroom teaching from first grade through adult.  As a liaison between parents and the school as well as between student and teachers, I understand the needs of the student as well as the position of the school.

As the child's advocate, I work with individual classroom teachers to provide a cohesive and effective academic program and with the school's administration to provide insight which may impact classroom and school placements when these decisions are being made.

Professional Resources

My approach to working with a student diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is multi-disciplinary and holistic.  I offer support in

Building self-esteem and confidence
Anger management
Relaxation training
Remediation of information processing deficits
Reducing or eliminating the need for drug therapy
Understanding cause and effect
Learning impulse control
Increasing attention span and the ability to concentrate

Lifestyle Pathways
It is important for a student to understand his own individual learning style. Once a student has a degree of understanding HOW he learns, he can then create his own systems to support his personal learning style, whether he is in a traditional school or another learning environment.
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(intuitive guidance for life purpose
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