Transitional Guidance
In our mobile society, where jobs, homes, and even marriages can seem like transient, temporary parts of our lives, we sometimes need help coping with the impermanence of our constantly changing world.

Change - even positive change - can be stressful.  Change can precipitate a personal crisis which leads to a loss of equilibrium, feeling ungrounded, lack of confidence, lethargy, loss of direction, anxiety, or feeling "hollow" or numb.

These are some transitional changes for which clients frequently seek assistance:

Death of a loved one
Getting fired or laid off from work
Children leaving home ( both parents and children may experience difficulty)
Moving to a new city
Graduating from school

Lifestyle Pathways
Process Steps
  • Define personal values
  • Identify successful life criteria
  • Determine self-imposed
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Create an action plan
  • Establish measurable criteria for success
  • Complete action steps
  • Celebrate Success!
Grief, no matter what the cause, is a process.  Change, no matter the reason, is also a process.  In a safe, supportive environment, you gain the tools to move through the process, reduce the stress, find new direction, celebrate living, and bring joy into your life.
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