Hypnosis Training

What Do You Get in the AIA Certification

  • Hypnosis Certification Manual - Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy.   (Printed copy given in class.) 

  • 550 page Hypnotherapy Scripts Manual of over 400 original scripts, deepeners, inductions, tests and more 

  • Hypnosis Money Makers Manual

  • Ongoing Monthly Podcast Training

  • Comedy Hypnosis Bible - A manual for conducting a business using hypnosis for entertainment

  • The Complete Show Magic Book -  This is a must when working with children and teenagers.  It can be the difference between them ignoring you with disgust or eating right out of your hands and hanging on every word.. pdf download format.

  • Access to video clips, slide shows and audios, including over 110 mp3s to supplement and support individual or classrom instruction and practical exercises

  • 21 Day Habit Replacement Program - A "scientifically proven" program that has more than TRIPLE the success over traditional hypnosis

  • Entire Smoking Withdrawal Program - Featuring our easy to follow nine script process

  • Diploma from the American School of Hypnosis

  • Certification with the American International Association as a Hypnosis Practitioner

  • One year's membership with the American International Association

  • Inclusion on our international online referral database

  • FREE Web-listing sponsored and maintained by the A.I.A. to advertise your hypnosis business 

  • Unlimited access to online and phone support with advice and information on many subjects of interest

  • Monthly newsletters with articles, updates and the latest hypnosis news and techniques 

Become a certified hypnosis practitioner through the American International Association of Hypnosis. 

I offer individualized instruction to meet your scheduling needs.  I also have a certification program in a classroom format.   While I am based in the Dallas, TX area,  I'm also willing to travel to other locations for a group of four or more students.  Call or e-mail for additional information and for scheduling.

As an AIA certified instructor, I offer the course through the American School of Hypnosis - and the tuition fees are the best in the business!

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