Time-line Therapies
Age regression is an effective technique for determining how certain behaviors (such as phobias) came into being.  By going back in time, we can look at the incident through the same perspective we had at the time it originally occurred.

Psychologists have indicated that at least 80% of all the decisions we make about our world are made by the age of six.  That means we are operating on decisions we made BEFORE the age of reason!  So,even if we aren't dealing with phobias, we have thoughts, beliefs, and decisions affecting our behavior today.

This process may take as little as two or three sesssions or may require a longer commitment to get to the root of the beliefs limiting your life today.  The basis of the process is "returning" to the time the decisions were made and reframing the incident from the perspective and logic of an objective adult.

This process is totally individualized, determined by your criteria, decisions and self-imposed limitations, and your own unique processing style.
Lifestyle Pathways
Process Steps
  • Identify successful life criteria.
  • Determine self-imposed limitations.
  • Revisit incident from past.
  • Let go of old decisions and replace with new, more effective ones.
  • Visualize new behaviors and how they will impact your life.
  • Celebrate living fully and joyfully.

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