Subliminal CD's and DVD's
These DVD's are powerful tools to assist you in making positive changes in your life.  Our Subliminal Messages have been developed by Motivational Technologies. 

You may have seen subliminal messages that are visual - several are offered as flashing messages that will appear out of your awareness on your computer screen.  There are also many sites offering auditory CD's with positive affirmations embedded in the music, binaural beats,  or sounds of nature.

As far as we have been able to determine, Motivational Technologies has developed the first subliminal DVD's that combine subliminal messages using both visual and auditory sensory experiences.  These DVD's begin with approximately 10 to 11 minutes of visual and auditory stimulation - with the messages embedded in flashing colors AND in music or relaxing sounds.  At the end of the first section, the auditory messages continue - while you hear only pleasant music or the sounds of nature.

For those who do not have a way to play DVD video or would prefer to listen only (rather than using the dual sensory experience with both auditory and visual)  all titles are also offered on auditory CD. It is recommended that people prone to migraine headaches choose to use auditory only. 

Relaxation / hypnosis CD's are $14.95. 

Subliminal Audio CD's are $19.95

Audio-Visual Subliminal DVD's are $24.95.

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We currently offer these SUBLIMINAL titles:

  • Feel Good - with messages for self esteem, confidence, well-being.

  • High Performance - with affirmations about energy, focus, skill, working effectively, success

  • Easy Sell - for anyone who SELLS products or services, meets and influences the public, or needs to motivate others

  • Super Sales - for professional sales people who need to sell aggressively, increase sales, cold call, and meet quotas in a competitive environment

Payment for CD's and DVD's

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Lifestyle Pathways

Feel Good Clip
(at start right click, go to zoom, and select for full screen view)
If you are prone to migraines: Please listen only!  The fast-paced flashing visual screen may cause discomfort or, in severe cases, trigger a migraine.
  • Eat Slim - for eating healthily, maintaining appropriate weight, and (if over-weight) for losing weight in a healthy way