Personal Lifestyle Coaching
A personal lifestyle coach is your advocate - someone who stands with you - sometimes in front of you leading the way, sometimes beside you keeping pace,and sometimes behind you giving you a gentle shove - to make sure you successfully meet the goals you establish to fulfill your own life plan.

One of the crucial steps often left out of this process, but one that is absolutely essential, is learning to celebrate your successes.  So part of what I do is help you find the joy in accomplishing your small (and not so small) successes.

Exercises used to explore YOUR values, criteria, and goals are individualized to your own way of communicating and processing information.

The key focus of any coaching is to find and maintain balance in one's life.  Areas of exploration may include professional goals, health, family, retirement, community involvement, mental acuity or academic enhancement.

Lifestyle Pathways
Process Steps
  • Define personal values
  • Identify successful life
  • Determine self-imposed
  • Remove roadblocks
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Create an action plan
  • Establish measurable
criteria for success
  • Complete action steps
  • Celebrate Success!

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(intuitive guidance for life purpose
and direction)