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What an Intuitive Reading Is NOT

An intuitive or psychic reading is not a card game, is not mere entertainment (although it can be used to entertain), and it is not magic.

It is not a tool for predicting the future.  (It can be helpful in determining how the future may play out, given a person’s present attitudes, beliefs, and decision-making strategies.)

It is not the nexus of the answers anyone is seeking.  (The answers are within us.)

What an Intuitive Reading IS

An intuitive reading is an interactive process that assists both the reader and the client in focusing on inner answers to a concern, question, or problem.

It is a technique we use as a guide to spiritual development, life purpose, and direction. 

An intuitive or psychic connection may be made through energy alone or may be established using a tool such as Listening to Spirit Cards, Tarot, crystals, etc.  These tools help the reader establish a connection with and guidance from your inner spiritulf  self.
An intuitive reading is an effective tool for clarifying choices and helping us recognize probable consequences to each of the choices we could make.  To be most effective, it requires a desire to see and understand beyond the limitations we sometimes put on ourselves.  To gain the most from a session a brief telephone consultation may be necessary to prepare both the reader and the client for the up-coming reading.

As agents of free will, we build our future based on our belief systems; the choices we make, and the actions we take.  An intuitive or psychic reading, whether using specific tools or connecting directly to the energy of your higher self, spiritual self, gives you access to the knowledge you already have within. 
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