Hypnosis for Positive Change
Lifestyle Pathways
Did you know that:

  • Hypnosis has been used in dentistry since 1925.

  • The AMA supports hypnosis as a useful form of therapy and anesthesia.

  • The Catholic Church accepts hypnosis as a legitimate therapy.

  • Hypnosis works - and can even be done effectively over the phone.

  • Anyone who has an open mind and wants to go into this natural, focused state of consciousness can be hypnotized.

  • You absolutely CANNOT be made to do anything in hypnosis that is against your values or your nature.

    The U.S. Government defines hypnosis as
1)  bypassing the critical factor and
2)  establishing acceptable selective                    thinking.

Hypnosis is effective in changing unwanted behavior because it works, not only on the behavior itself, but on the thoughts and beliefs that cause you to do the things you do.
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