Lifestyle Pathways

The normal rate for most services is $130.00 per hour. 

Some contractual services are less, based on the number of sessions.  Services charged at a contractual rate will be billed through PayPal Invoice.
(Or, if service is provided in person rather than by phone or Skype, payment may be made by credit card, check or cash.)

Please call for more information.

Or E-mail:

To pay a different amount or pay for more than one session, you will need to select services that, when added together, will total the amount you are paying.  If you need to pay an amount that cannot be configured this way,  please contact sharon@lifestylepathways.org.
If you want a short, 1/2 hour,  intuitive reading or coaching session, the fee is $75.00
If you would like to pay for a contract of 10 hours, you will receive a 20% discount.  The amount for a 10 hour contract is $1040.