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Information Processing Using NLP Meta Programs:

I offer a comprehensive 2 1/2 day training on NLP Meta Programs and how to use the information in a multitude of situations.  For educators, trainers, counselors and coaches, I have a 3 to 3 1/2 day training with in depth discussion and practice in using the information to facilitate learning and change.  Determine how a person processes information, makes decisions, learns - and use this information for "elegant" streamlined  communicate.

These are offered only by special arrangement.  Please call me for more information at 972-414-5996.

Information Processing - NLP Meta Programs:  8 Mini-Sessions

Beginning Thursday, January 19th, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for 8 sessions.  (This schedule includes every Thurs. evening EXCEPT 2nd Thursday in February and 2nd Thursday in March.  If you sign up by Thursday, January 12, the cost for all sessions is $135.  Cost at the door for each session is $20.00  Those who attend all sessions are eligible for certification in the Biodata Information Processing System.

Hypnosis Certification:

I am offering six days of intensive classroom instruction on hypnosis in the fall. Space will be limited to between 6 and 10 students.  The course is offered through the American School of Hypnosis and upon completion of the course students are eligible to take the test for certification.  They will also be eligible for certification through the American International Association (AIA).

The course is offered in a small group format, limited to no more than 10 students so everyone has adequate individualized attention and instruction to learn and practice all concepts.  The course includes all necessary materials, and upon completion and certification, additional benefits and materials are available for you to download - for a total of more than $2000.

For more information on what is included in this 6-day seminar for the Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Course, go to the Training Page.

Cost:   $1295.00   

If you are interested in taking  the classroom instruction but need the training now, consider putting together a group of 6 or more - for a discount on your own  training  fees.  Call me if you are interested in this option at

Individualized Instruction

I also conduct individualized instruction that is set up according to YOUR  schedule.  The cost for this intensive training is $1275. This course has everything listed above in the 6-day class, but it is limited to only one or two participants.  We meet YOUR scheduling needs...a three-day weekend, three consecutive Saturdays...evenings for two weeks.....whatever works for you,  It is intensive, comprehensive and individualized.

See the current events page for additional information.
Contact me if you are interested in individual instruction at (972) 414-5996.

Spiritual Coach Training

This course is offered in  4  modules. 

Module 1 - Past Life Regression (2 days)
Learn how to facilitate past life journeys to experience who we were in the
past.  Find and remove impediments to our goals in the present. 
Experience relationships through a time prism into the past and perhaps
into the future.

Price: $390.00
(2 days)


Module 2 - Soul Journey - Between Lives (1 day)
Explore the soul's journey through time and space.   What is your
"contract" for this lifetime?  Who are your guides and who in this lifetime
is part of the contract?  Look at patterns from lifetime to lifetime that
influence events in your life now.  Learn to help others answer these
questions and find their passion / their purpose. 

Price: $225.00

Module 3 - Soul Retrieval (Prerequisite: clinical hypnosis certification and Modules 1 and 2) - 1 day
Reconnect with the "lost" part of you.  Some people have turned away, or
hidden part of themselves and to reconnect with themselves, with their
own souls, and with Source.  This process allows the person to spiritually
heal the wounds caused at the time they protected themselves by hiding
their inner most  precious identity - even from themselves.  This is one of
the most powerful experiences a coach can offer a client - and one of the
most helpful to anyone seeking spiritual understanding.

Regular price: $275.00

Not currently scheduled - Call for special

Module 4 - Redecision Process / Change History (Prerequisite:  clinical hypnosis certification and Module 1) -1 day
Whether the decisions were made when we were young, before we had
the esperience to make informed decisions or whether they were formed
in previous lifetimes, these decisions may subconsciously influence what
we are doing and thinking now.  If we are not reaching our goals, if we
experience internal conflicts, if we seem to get only so far and "no
farther," it may be old, ineffective decisions getting in the way.  Learn how
to let go of these decisions and make NEW, effective decisions and
achieve what you want.  Practice these techniques to assist others in
"changing history" so the present becomes what they want it to be.

Regular price: $250.00

Not currently scheduled - Call for special

Special Price for all 4 Modules:  (Remember there is a prerequisite for Modules 3 and 4)

If purchased separately, fee is $1250.00
Purchased as Spiritual Coach Training with
all 4 modules (5 days), fee is $995.

Not currently scheduled - Call for special


If you'd like to meet with others who are interested in any of the topics on this web site, please contact me.  We are getting ready to offer additional meetups, and the format will be decided based on the interest shown in each topic and the  available schedule.  So PLEASE let me know what you are most interested in discussing, learning, or practicing.

We currently are conducting one meetup:

Listening to Spirit:

I am offering a meetup on Tuesday evenings for spiritual growth and intuitive development.  For more information, go to


Contact:             or  (972) 414-5996
for more information.

Check out more information on the "recurring events" page.

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