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January - March 2013

January 26, 2013
1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Beyond the vison board: 

What inspires you?
How can you use that inspiration to manifest what you want? 
How can you make New Year's resolutions (goals) work FOR you?  How do affirmations work...and why don't they work all the time?

Three "stand alone" steps:

Inspiration:  Vision Board with words to inspire action

Fee:      $45

Meditation:  4 be used each of 21 consecutive days

Fee:      $20

Manifestation:  Coaching for support, accountability, and SUCCESS! (Four 15 to 30 minute sessions by phone or Skype).

Fee:      $120

If purchased as a package, receive 15% discount: 

For additional information, call Sharon Coody at
972-414-5996 or 214-325-6262

Past Life - Group Experience

Have you wondered who you might have been in a
previous life?

Are there patterns, attitudes, or even types of people that
seem to recur in your life—with no apparent reason?

Do you have in interest, skill, or talent that has been with
you from childhood—and no one else in your family has this

Are you curious about your life purpose or what issues
might be facing you that you have not yet addressed?

Do you want a fun experience in a safe environment to
explore the possibility of previous life experiences?

Call me at 972-414-5996 or send an e-mail to for additional information.

Place:  6100 Coral Lane
  Sachse, TX 75048

Date:  new date to be announced shortly
Time:  7 - 9:30 p.m.

Listening to Spirit - Using Your Intuition
- Developing Intuition
- Using Listening to Spirit Cards (includes cards and  
- Integrating intuitive modalities

To be announced shortly.

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost:  $95

If you have already purchased the cards and original book or purchased the cards and have a printed copy of the e-Book, contact me.  I will send you an invoice for $90 - a deduction of $25)

Clinical Hypnosis Certification -
3 day Intensive

For 2 people ONLY, so contact me if you are interested in this intensive 3-day training.

By Appointment Only

Place:  6100 Coral Lane
          Sachse, TX 75048
Time each day:  9 - 6

(Arrangements can be made to accommodate YOUR schedule:
consecutive weekends, evenings,half days, etc.)

Price is per person, dependant upon TWO PARTICIPANTS.

Spiritual Coach Training (Modules 1 and 2)
- Past Life
- Between Lives, including soul purpose

Must be experienced and/or certified as hypnosis

No date has yet been set, but I will make special              arrangements to accommodate individual schedules.

Contact me if you are interested in a special training             individually or for your group.  Group discounts are        available.  214-325-6262


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