Welcome to Lifestyle Pathways.  We are a group of individuals dedicated to serving the emotional and spiritual needs of our communities.  Independently, we each have more than 25 years experience helping others live their lives more fully and with a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.  Collectively, we offer support and guidance to people who have such diverse needs as grief counseling or "empty nest" transitions, career counseling, life coaching, seeking spiritual wisdom or searching for a way to enhance their own psychic abilities. 

We work with clients on a short term basis for a variety of situational or habitual behaviors they want to change (ex: smoking, tardiness, procrastination), on a contractual basis for personal lifestyle or career coaching, or on an open-ended, longer term basis with clients who want to explore the root of ineffective decisions that are more pervasive in their lives today.

We are all dedicated to "the journey" - and it is as much our own as it is the unique journeys of each of our clients.  We believe this is what life is about - the journey.  And it has been shown repeatedly that with each person we help, we gain that much more - insight, understanding, friendship, ........JOY.  Our goal for ourselves and for our clients is to live a balanced life in harmony within ourselves, with others around us, with the universe, and with God. 

It is the natural order of the universe to experience - to live in - JOY, in a way that allows us to grow spiritually and to be successful in all of our endeavors.
Lifestyle Pathways
Explore your inner world - emotionally and spiritually - as you learn to be more effective in your day-to-day lives.

In a non-judgmental and supportive environment, explore your own personal truths.

Experience the Oneness that connects all of us to each other and to God.
Contemplating the continuity of time and place.